Simon Family JCC Personal Trainers bring expertise, value to members

March 22, 2019

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A personal trainer for 16 years, Simon Family JCC trainer Susan Vann-Spruill says it is important for gym members to approach fitness with a plan. Without one, she says, the results are often minimal or worse.

“Many people come to the gym regularly without a real plan and as a result, see no progress or even risk injuring themselves,” says Vann-Spruill.

Fortunately, the Simon Family JCC’s certified personal trainers have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to design safe and effective fitness programs for members.

“When members get a personal trainer, they should expect to have a routine they can be comfortable utilizing, learn proper technique so they don’t get injured, and learn to make the most of their gym experience,” says Debbie Addison, a JCC personal trainer.

Tom Purcell, JCC membership and wellness director, understands that getting a personal trainer can be both intimidating and costly. That’s why, he says, the JCC offers easy ways to get started with a trainer—such as an introductory special on personal training and small group training—where members receive the personal attention of a trainer, but split the cost with other participants.

“If cost is an issue, then scheduling a personal training session can be spread out over time,” says Purcell. “Get with a trainer once a week or once per month to be sure you’re on track with your goals and exercising correctly. You will stay consistent and see the results happen.”

For Addison, getting a personal trainer isn’t just about getting in shape or learning proper technique. It’s about investing in the most important thing in the world: yourself.

“It’s worth the money to invest in yourself to achieve your goals,” says Addison. “Your health is just as important to invest in as anything else.”

Thomas Mills

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