October 19, 2015

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Dear Readers,

Fall is a favorite season of the year for many, including me. While the spring is when we look to outside, fall tends to be the time to begin spending more of our days inside. (That is, after we get those leaves raked and gardens prepared for the winter!)

Moving indoors, however, doesn’t mean going to sleep. These months offer the perfect time for some extra cleaning, tackling that long-awaited decorating or renovation project, making certain your home and all of its parts (roof, heating and air and other essentials) are in good working order, and maybe even hosting a dinner party or two. For some, it might also be the time to commit to purchasing a home.

Our articles and advertisers in this section reflect all of these activities. For example, Shikma Rubin, a loan officer at Tidewater Home Funding, writes about helping a young couple with the loan for their first home and the trend of millennials becoming homeowners. We even have an article on Jewish calendars that so often take center-stage in our kitchens on refrigerators.

So, after reading this section, perhaps you’ll be inspired to cook, to shop, to organize or just sit by the fire and read. Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy!

Terri Denison

Letter to the Editor