Gefilte fish and the bathtub

March 2, 2018

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One of my favorite memories of Passover is hearing my grandfather tell stories about how his mother used to make the gefilte fish. I assumed like all families that they just went to the store and bought theirs. He explained to me that on the morning of Passover my great-grandmother would go down to the market and get a live Carp. Then she would bring it home, and let it swim in the bathtub all day until she was ready to make the gefilte fish. I was certain he wasn’t telling me the truth, and it took me asking several other family members to convince me that it was in fact a real story. After that I would ask my grandmother each year if she could please get a live Carp so it could come swim in her bathtub. Needless to say she was much more comfortable getting her gefilte fish out of a jar.

- Jeremy Krupnick

Letter to the Editor