A Pluralistic Introduction to Judaism

February 22, 2016

What’s Happening

Thursdays, beginning March 3, 6–7 pm, Simon Family JCC

The Hampton Roads Board of Rabbis and Cantors, in partnership with the Simon Family JCC, is offering a new free weekly course, A Pluralistic Introduction to Judaism.

Designed for those seeking to learn more about Judaism from a variety of perspectives, the course will attempt to address fundamental questions from a range of viewpoints via a direct examination of sacred texts. It will be taught by rabbis and cantors from across the religious spectrum—Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox—and will run on a six-month rolling basis. Anyone can join the course at any time.

The course is intended for Jews looking to learn more about their faith from a mature standpoint, as well as non-Jews interested in learning more about Judaism.

Check out the course website at www.introtojudaism.org for more details about the course, topics covered, and teachers.

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